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Commit 2017-04-XX


Extension of the mixed hardening framework developed in EvpMixtHHypoMaterial material to consider .

Kinematic hardening models

Extension of

  • ArmstrongFrederickKinematicHardening
  • DruckerPragerKinematicHardening


Nonlinear kinematic hardening adapted from the two-surface developed by Yoshida et al., 2002

$$ \dot{X}_{ij}^{yu} = C \left( \dfrac{2}{3}\,a\,D_{ij}^{vp} - \left( \dfrac{\overline{X}_{ij}^{yu}}{\overline{\sigma}} \right)^{\zeta-1}\, \dot{\bar{\varepsilon}}\, X_{ij}^{yu} \right) $$

where $\overline{X}_{yu}^{ij}$ and $\overline{\sigma}$ are the equivalent backstress and the equivalent stress, respectively, which are computed based on the selected yield criterion.


I have performed a tab cleaning service (~60 files).

Fichiers ajoutés/supprimés

[a]: YoshidaUemori02KinematicHardening.cpp
[a]: YoshidaUemori02KinematicHardening.h

Cas tests ajoutés/supprimés


Cristian 2017/04/XX

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