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Commit 2017-03-07

Yield criteria

Due to a mistake from my part, I did not include the EAS elements in the monosMaterials2 testing battery for the new implemented yield surfaces in my previous Commit. I have now included them for the following yield criteria:

  • Hill48PlasticCriterionv2
  • CazacuBarlat01OrthoPlasticCriterion
  • CazacuBarlat04OrthoPlasticCriterion
  • DruckerPlasticCriterion
  • YoshidaUemori13J2J3OrthoPlasticCriterion
  • YoshidaUemori13J2OrthoPlasticCriterion

mtParasolid - Tests

I have updated the Numisheet tests: square and cross-shaped deep drawing processes.
They have been setup to check contact interactions, force driven kinematic and mass elements when considering Parasolid entities. Furthermore, I have sorted the tests in order to have one file with the final simulation parameters (not to be tested) and one file with lighter parameters (to be tested).


I have corrected the headers (# \$Id$ and // \$Id$) in the new files that I included in my previous Commit.

Fichiers ajoutés/supprimés


Cas tests ajoutés/supprimés

[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\numisheet1993BM1_full_die.xmt_txt
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\numisheet1993BM1_full_holder.xmt_txt
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\numisheet1993BM1_full_punch.xmt_txt
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\numisheet1993BM1_quarter_die.xmt_txt
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\numisheet1993BM1_quarter_holder.xmt_txt
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\numisheet1993BM1_quarter_punch.xmt_txt
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\tools\
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\
[a]: mtParasolid\tests\
[r]: mtParasolid\tests\numisheet\

Cristian 2017/03/07

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