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Research Team

Current members

Billy-Joe BOBACH
Billy-Joe BOBACH
PFEM - Additive manufacturing

Dominik BOEMER
Dominik BOEMER
Cold rolling - SPH - Mixed lubrication - DEM - Wear simulation - Ball milling.

Romain BOMAN
Romain BOMAN
ALE formalism - Solvers - Contact/Friction - Object-oriented architecture.

Modelling of Additive Manufacturing.

Constitutive laws - Element technology - Optimization.

Former members

Photo Name Keywords
Marco Lucio CERQUAGLIA Marco Lucio CERQUAGLIA Meshless and particles methods - Fluid-structure interaction - Bird strike.
Now at Safran Aero Boosters
Paulo FLORES Paulo FLORES Composite structures.
Now at Universidad de Concepción
Cristian CANALES Cristian CANALES Ductile fracture - Homogenization - Constitutive formulation.
Now at Universidad de Concepción
Gaëtan WAUTELET Gaëtan WAUTELET Computational Contact Mechanics. Efficient Contact Detection. Augmented Lagrangian Contact Treatment.
Now at LMS Samtech
Yannick Crutzen Yannick CRUTZEN Roll forming simulation.
Now at GDTech Engineering
Geoffrey DELIEGE Geoffrey DELIEGE Multiphysics - Composites materials - FE software architecture.
Now at Nolisys
Yves CARRETTA Yves CARRETTA Cold rolling - Mixed lubrication regime.
Now at Goodyear
Claire HENNUYER Claire HENNUYER Super-éléments.
pierre_joris2.jpg Pierre JORIS Remeshing.
Now at European Patent Office
Lilia ZIANE KHODJA Lilia ZIANE KHODJA Linear solvers
Allez l'OM! Philippe BUSSETTA Remeshing - Data transfer.
Now at Universidade Estadual Paulista
Jérémy XHARDEZ Jérémy XHARDEZ Teaching assistant.
Now at Safran Aero Boosters
Now at Lycée Baggio, Lille
Cédric Cédric LAURENT Biomechanics - Bioengineering - Medical image processing - Non-linear mechanics
Now at the University of Lorraine
Vinciane Vinciane d'OTREPPE Biomécanique - FE mesh.
Now at Goodyear
Marlène Marlène MENGONI Biomechanics - Orthodontics - Bone remodeling - Damage - Tooth movement.
Now Postdoc at the University of Leeds
Roxane Roxane KOEUNE Constitutive laws - Semi-solid metal casting.
Now at Techspace Aero
Samuel HANNAY Samuel HANNAY Composites materials.
Now at SH-Editions
Pierre-Paul JEUNECHAMPS Pierre-Paul JEUNECHAMPS Thermomechanics - Constitutive laws - Damage.
Now at e-Xstream engineering
Weichao GUO Weichao GUO Indentation - Parametric identification.
Ludovic NOELS Ludovic NOELS Non-linear mechanics - Time integration schemes - Contact.
Now Prof. at the University of Liège
Olga KARASEVA Olga KARASEVA 2nd-Order elements.
Now at Starcom MediaVest Group
Lara VIGNERON Lara VIGNERON Image-guided surgery - Brain deformation - Incision - Retraction - Resection - Intraoperative MRI - Nonrigid registration - Deformable physics-based model - Biomechanical - (eXtended) Finite Elements
Now at Wallonia e-health Living Lab
Sophie TRICHON Sophie TRICHON Optimization - Deep drawing - Defects control.
Now at Siemens PLM Software
Antoine STEPHANY Antoine STEPHANY Mixed lubrication - Rolling.
Now at Techspace Aero
Viet Quoc BUI Viet Quoc BUI Rolling forming - Element technology.
Now at Cenaero
Laurent ADAM Laurent ADAM Thermomechanics - Superplastic forming - Contitutive laws - GUI VTK/Qt.
Now at e-Xstream engineering
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