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Phd Teaching Assistantëtanwautelet/
University of Liège
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (LTAS)
Non Linear Computational Mechanics (MN2L)
Quartier Polytech 1 (office +2/436)
Allée de la Découverte, 9
B-4000 Liège, BELGIUM

Keywords Computational Contact Mechanics, Augmented Lagrangian Method, Alternative Augmentation Scheme, Non-Linear Finite Element Method, Boundary Volume Hierarchy, Contact Detection, Node to Surface Contact Formulation with Area Regularization, Deep Drawing, Wire Drawing, Impact, Post-Buckling Analysis


Master Thesis - Predesign of a UAV

My master thesis subject were the predesign of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of 10 kg dedicated to the capture of 3D videos and images with 2 stereoscopic cameras. For that purpose, we have formed a team of 4 students to accomplish this ambitious task successfully : Gaëtan Wautelet, Jérôme Ligot, Marc Duquenne and Etienne Bizjak. The success of our master thesis clearly depends on the interaction between all the members. Especially, my master thesis is mainly focused on the aerodynamic modeling and flight mechanics study of the future UAVs. In details, my original contributions were :

  • to investigate the UAV regulations and identify the UAV regulatory authority in Belgium and European Union.
  • to establish the starting design point based on general technical specifications.
  • to predesign the wing and the horizontal tail using empirical results and statistical data.
  • to assess the performance of the UAV in operating condition using flight mechanics in level turn.
  • to analyse the experimental data for predicting the lift coefficient and the pitch moment coefficient.
  • to define the flight envelope and gust envelope.

Finally, the major achievement of our project were the production of a prototype 1:2 from which wind tunnel experiments were conducted to predict the lift and drag coefficients, and the pitch, yaw and roll moment coefficients for the stability analysis of the real UAVs.

External Links : 3D Camera UAV Project

3 Months Internship - Mécamold (a Bridgestone Company)

During my internship, I had the opportunity to launch a management project on 5S methodology (Lean Manufacturing) under the supervision of Jean-Louis Van Langendonck and Joachim Derouaux. My main duties consist in

  • preparing a formation kit on 5S methodology based on available information/documentation;
  • planning and giving the formation on 5S methodology;
  • preparing a procedure for the 5S audits and selecting relevant indicators for the evaluation purpose;
  • planning and conducting the 5S audits on strategic zones;
  • transmitting all relevant informations to my successor Marc Duquenne.

At the end of my internship, my industrial supervisors Jean-Louis Van Langendonck and Joachim Derouaux give me the opportunity to continue as an engineering student interim the management and the launch of the project 5S over the entire company in collaboration with Marc Duquenne. My duties consist in

  • giving and planning formations on 5S methodology;
  • planning and conducting 5S audits of incoming zones;
  • assessing and analysing the performance of 5S zones through compliance indicators;
  • monitoring the planning and execution of 5S actions (PCDA).


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