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0D Meshers (Points)


Advanced In most cases, it is not necessary to mesh 0D entites (points). Such a mesh point is automatically generated when a line which includes it on one extremity is meshed. If the point must be meshed on its own, for example when the point is the reference point of a string, it is done with the command:


0D Mesh


To create a 0D mesh element on a mesh point:

mesh.define(no, CELL_POINT, grp, no1)


no mesh number 1)
grp entity which contains the mesh (a Group for example)
no1 number of the mesh point

Automatically: CellPointMesher

CellPointMesher is a mesher which generates objects of type CELL_POINT in the topology, based on meshed geometric entities (which contains some MeshedPoints).

Le père de la maille est mis sur l'entité passée au CellPointMesher (pour le FieldApplicator). :?:


Generation of a CELL_POINT on a ''Group' of mesh points, which come from a Bacon import for example.

mesher = CellPointMesher(groupset(no))
not used, in practice the mesh element is represented by the point itself and has the same number (no1)
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