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Element failure

Volume element can be deactivated using a failure criterion. This criterion is applied on the FieldApplicator of volume elements. The criterion is defined as:

rc = NamemRuptureCriterion()
rc.put(param, value)
rc.depend(param, fct, Field1D(Lock))
app = FieldApplicator(no)        # association to the FieldApplicator number no
app.push(1, SIDE_ID)


NameRuptureCriterion Failure criterion - see Failure criteria
param name of one of the parameters (for example RUPT_CRIT_VAL)
value value of the corresponding parameter
fct Functions y=f(t) whose property depend on (optional, no function if no dependency)
Field1D(Lock) type of dependency of the corresponding property - see Failure criteria (compulsory if there is a dependency)
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