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Large Deformations of Solids [meca0464]

The access to some links of this page is “Forbidden” if you are not logged-in as a regular user of this website. A unique pair of username/passwd has been created for all the students. These credentials are available on the eCampus page related to this course.

Course material

Calendar for tutorials

Tutorials are mandatory! In other words, students who are not present at the tutorial sessions won't get any additional support for their project during the semester.

date time topics goals
30 sep 2022 4pm-6pm Introduction to Metafor (1/2)
How to install, run Metafor?
How to build a model? (1/2)
Choice of projects
Metafor runs on your computer.
You know how to run/analyse an existing model
You can draw the geometry of your problem
7 oct 2022 2pm-6pm Introduction to Metafor (2/2)
How to build a model? (2/2)
You know how to write a new model.
You can mesh & load your model.
14 oct 2022 4.15pm-6pm Lab session (1/2) Your problem is drawn and meshed.
21 oct 2022 4.15pm-6pm Lab session (2/2) Your model runs with a basic set of parameters.


1. Download the code

2. Read the documentation

3. Read carefully the instructions

  • guidelines.pdf FIXME

4. Download your project description and start working...


5. Some useful tools

6. Any questions?

  • Have you read the documentation?
  • Have you read the FAQ in the tutorial presentation?
  • Send an e-mail to R.Boman
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