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How to run an existing test?

This page is under construction. Please refer to tutorial.pdf for up-to-date information

Under construction In Metafor, 1 model corresponds to 1 (or more) python module(s).

File: Metafor\apps\tutorial\

Module: apps.tutorial.tutorial1

How to run apps.tutorial.tutorial1 ? the simulation should start…

How to run tutorial1 from another location? (because you do not want to work in c:\Program Files !)

  • Create an empty folder
  • Copy to that folder
  • “Rebase” to that particular folder

The main window now looks like

On your disk…

  • .bfac.gz files: 1 file = all the results (nodal and Gauss-point values) at 1 time step
  • .ascii files: 1 file = 1 vector containing a particular result thoughout the simulation (size = number of time steps)
  • resfile.txt: console output during the simulation (steps, iterations, residuals, etc.)

  • Here, the first and the last step have been saved to disk (there are two .bfac.gz)
  • The time discretisation (time.ascii) and the value of a force somewhere on the solid (force.ascii) has been saved

How to display previously-computed results?

Procedure for Archives (.bfac.gz files)

  1. Start Metafor
  2. Load your module (as if you were restarting the simulation)
  3. In the workspace, load a .bfac.gz using the “load FAC” command in the context menu.

How to display previously-computed results?

Procedure for history curves (.ascii files)

  1. Start Matlab
  2. Load the files using the “load” command
  3. Plot the values

History curves are simple ASCII files!

Excel can also be used…

Final Remarks

Each time you start a new simulation, you MUST restart Metafor! (PhD students, researchers do not free the whole memory)

Some other interesting examples from the apps folder (among many others!)

apps.qs.ringtest : a tribological test apps.iso.amor : a shock absorber apps.qs.ddrawing : deep drawing simulation : hydroforming (3D) apps.qs.nine : drawbead simulation

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