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Reading STEP files

Advanced It is possible to import STEP files generated by external CAD software such as Catia or FreeCAD. The function used to convert STEP files to python commands that are understandable by Metafor is defined in the toolbox.stp2py module. It uses the parser named stp2py.exe which is provided with Metafor.

This converter provides only a partial translation of STEP files. Some CAD entity are ignored.

Here is an example (from apps.qs.cont2STEP). The STEP file is cont2.stp. it is located in the same folder as the input file.

import toolbox.stp2py
thedir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
mod = toolbox.stp2py.stp2py(os.path.join(thedir, 'cont2.stp'))
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