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Node Sorting Operators

A set of MeshPoints must sometimes be sorted, usually to reduce a selection. SortingOperators are objects that can be used to execute this sorting operation.

SortByX0() Sort by X0 in increasing order
SortByY0() Sort by Y0 in increasing order
SortByZ0() Sort by Z0 in increasing order
SortByDX0() Sort by X0 in decreasing order
SortByDY0() Sort by Y0 in decreasing order
SortByDZ0() Sort by Z0 in decreasing order
SortByPos0(lock) Sort in increasing order by an initial coordinate in a given direction (lock = TX, TY or TZ)
SortByKsi0(curve) Project nodes on the curve then sort in increasing order by projected curve abscissa
SortByDist0(x,y,z) Sort nodes by increasing distance from the point of coordinates (x,y,z)
SortByNo() Sort nodes by increasing user number
InverseSOp(sOp) Inverse the effect of the sorting operator to which it is applied
CombineSOp(sOp1, Sop2) Combine 2 sortings Operators (applying SOp1 then SOp2)


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