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Isotropic hardening

The IsotropicHardening class manages all isotropic hardening laws in Metafor. The laws developed for thixotropic materials are are described below.



Isotropic hardening, specific for thixotropic materials. Shima and Oyane extended laws, only taking one internal parameter into account, the [doc:user:elements:volumes:thixo_scheilliquidfractionmatlaw|liquid fraction]], either full ($ f_l $ if SSIH_EFF = 0) or effective: ($ f_l^{eff} if SSIH_EFF = 1) .

$$ \sigma_{vm} = \sigma_{vm}^{sol} (1-f_l)^{h_2} $$

where $$ \sigma_{vm}^{sol} $$ is the yield stress for the solid phase, computed using any isotropic hardening law.


Name Metafor Code Dependency
Number of the isotropic hardening law SSIH_NUM TM/TO
Shima et Oyane parameter $h_2 $ SSIH_H2 TM/TO
Use of full or effective liquid fraction SSIH_EFF /

:!: Careful: Only works if used with thixotropic materials (ThixoEvpIsoHHypoMaterial or ThixoTmEvpIsoHHypoMaterial).

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