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Definition of an ElementProperties

An ElementProperties is defined with the lines:

prp = ElementProperties(typeEl)
prp.put(param1, valeur1)
prp.depend(param1, fct1, Lock1)) # optional
prp.put(param2, valeur2)
prp.depend(param2, fct2, Lock2)  # optional


typeEl type of finite element (for example Volume2DElement) - see Volume element
param1, param2 code of the propriety relative to the element (for exéample MATERIAL) - see Eléments finis
valeur1, valeur2 “value” of the corresponding property
fct1, fct2 function which characterizes the dependency of the property (optional: no fct if no dependency)
Lock Lock which defines the dependency variable of the property (compulsory if there is a dependency)
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