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Stationary Rotating Tool

A stationary rotating tool is a rigid contact tool that rotate around a given axis but with a geometry fixed in space.

It is usefull, for example, to make models of rolling process where cylinders are deformed by the contact between the sheet and the rolls. As the process is quasi stationary, the deformation of the roll stay fixed in space, but it is the friction on the rotating roll that make the sheet moving forward.

Here below a movie of a rolling process with a rotating cylinder (lower one) and stationary rotating cylinder (upper one)

The second movie show the same process in ALE

And finally the next movie shows a ALE model vs the same Lagrangian Model with a (highly) deformed cylinder :


Definition of a stationary rotating tool is done in the contact ElementProperties through the keys :

Key Type / Value Dependance Definition
TOOLOMEGAMETHOD 0/1/2 - 0 (default) : SRT deactivated
1 : Rotation of the sticking point around the axis
2 : Rotation and reprojection of the sticking point on the tool (no diffs measured with method1)
TOOLOMEGA float time angle or velocity of the rotation of the tool around the axe. Value can evolve according to time (if omega is defined in term of velocity, integration according to time is only a trapeze rule so timestep must agree with velocity evolution)
TOOLOMEGAISVELOC Bool - True (default): Omega is defined in term of an angular velocity (possibly with a dependency but whose evolution has to be slow according to timestep to have a reliable model)
False : Omega is defined in term of an angle (omega must be defined with a time dependency to gives sens to the method)
TOOLOMEGA_PT1 UserNo - Number of the first point of the axe
TOOLOMEGA_PT2 UserNo - Number of the second point of the axe

Upt to now, it has only been tested on RdContactInteraction. It may work flawlessly on other, but as there are no tests, defining TOOLOMEGAMETHOD on another kind of ContactInteraction will lead to a FATAL_ERROR.

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