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 +====== Definition of a Material ======
 +A material is defined with the lines:
 +  materialno = materialset.define (number, type)
 +  materialno = materialset(number)
 +  materialno.put(param, value)
 +  materialno.depend(param, fct, Key(Lock)))
 +  ...
 +|''number'' | number of the material (must be unique) |
 +|''type'' | type of material (for example ''EvpIsoHHypoMaterial'') - see [[doc:user:start#Materials]] |
 +|''param'' | code of the material parameter (for example ''MASS_DENSITY'', or number of an evolution law such as ''YIELD_NUM'', see [[doc:user:elements:volumes:start]]) |
 +|''value'' | value of the corresponding material parameter |
 +|''fct'' | function which characterizes the dependency of the property (optional: no ''fct'' if no dependency) |
 +|''Lock'' | [[doc:user:general:locks|Lock]] which defines the dependency variable of the property (compulsory if there is a dependency) |
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