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 //Cockroft and Latham criterion (dimensional Value) : ''COCKROFT2''// //Cockroft and Latham criterion (dimensional Value) : ''COCKROFT2''//
-$$ C = \int_0^{\overline{\varepsilon}^p} \sigma_1 d\overline{\varepsilon}^p$$+$$ C = \int_0^{\overline{\varepsilon}^p} \sigma_1  d\overline{\varepsilon}^p$$
 //Cockroft and Latham criterion (adimensional value) : ''COCKROFT''// //Cockroft and Latham criterion (adimensional value) : ''COCKROFT''//
 $$ C = \int_0^{\overline{\varepsilon}^p} \frac{\sigma_1}{\overline{\sigma}}  d\overline{\varepsilon}^p$$ $$ C = \int_0^{\overline{\varepsilon}^p} \frac{\sigma_1}{\overline{\sigma}}  d\overline{\varepsilon}^p$$
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